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Monday, February 16, 2009

My Penis and I (2005)

Is My Penis Normal or not ?
That is a question !

BBC3 Film Explores Penis Size

One Man's Two-Year Journey to Discover if Size Matters.

Filmmaker Lawrence Barraclough's personal journey, in which he explores the issue that has plagued his life: the size of his penis.

Ever since childhood, Barraclough has been convinced that his penis is too small. He reveals how this has tainted his sense of masculinity over the years and, ultimately, the effect it has had on his relationship with his one and only girlfriend, Nicola.

In a society where phallic symbols abound and images of sex are everywhere, Barraclough explores whether size is really in the head or below the waist.
Finally Lawrence seeks medical and quasi-medical advice which, in the end, he rejects in favour of a self-help group in New York and having a plaster cast made of his member. This is the point of liberation and we see this in the excellent film work. The doco ends with Lawrence's girlfriend adding her views and from this we know all is well.



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