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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FireStorm DAO Enterprise Edition 4.0.20080720.1632

Database Access Tool: FireStorm/DAO
FireStorm/DAO is a database access tool that makes Java software developers more productive by automatically generating Java DAO code for accessing relational databases. FireStorm/DAO's code generation approach cuts costs through higher developer productivity, better software quality, and lower maintenance costs.

A Database Access Tool for Data Access Objects
FireStorm/DAO is a database access tool that imports existing database schemas (from a SQL script or from a live JDBC connection) and generates a complete data persistence tier based on any of the following Java persistence technologies:

* Standard Java DAO using JDBC DAO
* Hibernate DAO
* Spring DAO

FireStorm/DAO generates code that is compliant with the Data Access Object design pattern (the DAO design pattern is a core J2EE design pattern). The database access tool generates Java DAO code and configuration files that developers would otherwise have to write by hand. In addition to being a database access tool, FireStorm/DAO can also generate presentation tier code based on JSPs and Struts.

A Database Access Tool to Reduce Complexity
FireStorm/DAO adopts a pragmatic approach of generating Java DAO code for data persistence that is a direct mapping of a particular relational database schema. It is also possible to define complex multi-table queries and to leverage existing database logic contained within stored procedures.

FireStorm/DAO can generate DAO code for standalone Java as well as for leading J2EE application servers, such as JBoss, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, and Apache Tomcat. The generated DAO code is well-written, consistent, and contains technical documentation. Most importantly, the generated code is production quality and has been deployed in thousands
of applications worldwide.



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